Tech news :Spotify fired hundreds of employees at once

Spotify fired hundreds of employees

Spotify fired hundreds of employees at once
Spotify fired hundreds of employees at once

Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service, plans to terminate all of its staff at once. The corporation has begun terminating 6 percent more workers in light of the global economic crisis.

At the moment, Spotify employs 10,000 people. This implies that the corporation will lose 600 additional people. The business has likewise validated this issue.

Multinational IT corporations have been significantly cutting their workforces during the past few years. In the past seven months, it has been determined to lay off 12,000 Google employees and 10,000 Microsoft employees.

Since then, Spotify has also been included on the list of businesses laying off employees. Identify the Chief Content and Advertising Business for the Company.

what is spotify

Let us tell you that Spotify is an online music streaming service that is very popular in America. In the app of this service, you will find music albums and songs from all over the world. If you run the Gaana app for online music, then it will be easier for you to understand it because this app works just like the Gaana app.

Gaana mostly covers Indian music while Spotify offers albums from musicians from all over the world. Recently this app has been launched in India, which simply means that now you will get to listen to Indian songs as well. After being launched in India, in this app, you can listen to songs in many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc.

If you are fond of International or English music. So you should download and try Spotify once because in this you can listen to the songs of your favorite singer. So the information about how to download it is given below.

First of all go to google playstore and search spotify.
If you want, you can also download this app from here, this is the link of playstore only.
After that install it on your mobile phone.
After installing, when you open it, you will be asked to create an account on it.

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