Best OpenSource projects that developed using Codeigniter

Best OpenSource projects that developed using CodeigniterOpen source PHP web application using Codeigniter framework, which is very easy to learn.

Best OpenSource projects


Bonfire is a best web application framework built on top of CodeIgniter, developed by Ezell worked on freelance in 2009.


  • Built-In Admin Area
  • User Ready
  • Modular Coding
  • Data Maintenance
  • Powerful Themes
  • Email Queue



FUEL CMS is built upon the popular PHP web framework.Developers love it for being open and thoughtful. FUEL CMS is hosted on GitHub and is totally free to download and use

Features for Content Editors

  • Inline Editing
  • Multi-Language
  •  SEO friendly page content in any language
  • Asset Management
  • Upload and manage your sites’ images, PDFs, style sheets and javascript.
  • Toggle from WYSIWYG to an intuitive HTML editing mode and back, depending on your mood.

Features for Developers

  • Open Source
  • CodeIgniter + CMS
  • Well Documented
  • Object Oriented
  • Expanded Code Library
    Asset helpers, menu builders, expanded model capabilities and more.


Grocery CRUD

Grocery CRUD is an open source library that makes a developer’s life easier. Few simple lines of code and you can create a full stable CRUD with nice views



    •   Opensource
    •   Simple yet Powerful
    •   Browser Compatibility
    •   Customize everything
    •   Themes
    •   Big Community and support
    •   Database relations made easy
    •   Well documented


Smart Grid

A very simple PHP datagrid control for CodeIgniter framework with Bootstrap.PHP datagrid control for CodeIgniter framework with Bootstrap. SmartGrid focus on data display than data manipulation.

The code is very simple and well documented, which make it easy for customization.


FAQ’s about best open source codeigniter

Q.Top 5 Opensource CodeIgniter Projects

Grocery Crud.
Ecommerce Codeigniter Bootstrap.
Ci Phpunit Test.
Ci_bootstrap_3. .
Codeigniter Aauth

Q Can we use these project free?

Yes, all are opensource

Q. Can we integrate own template?

yes , we can integrate our own template , for that we have to study carefully its documentation.

Q. Can we use codeigniter Opensource for business?


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