Future of php  and php Developer in 2020

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Future of php  and php Developer in 2020

Future of php

Lots of people says php  and its developer has no future in upcoming year  but you will be totally wrong by  reading following features and changes through out  different versions.

Lets take look at php  features ,its developer  job opportunity and  see if  there is future of PHP as server side programming language or not.



PHP is the most popular server side scripting language was founded in 1995 for web development by Rasmus Laird in 1994. World’s most popular websites like facebook.com,yahoo.com,Wordpress.com,Wikipedia.org etc are developed under PHP.

PHP is the world ‘s most popular because it is easy to learn ,code and deploy on server,and also it is an open source till now.

Difficulty level: Easy to learn. 4.7 out of 5.
Job opportunity: Huge! 4.6 out of 5.

Why PHP is the best programming language in 2020 and upcoming year ?

Advantages of PHP

Platform Independent:

PHP runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) The standard PHP interpreter, powered by the Zend Engine, is free software released under the PHP License. PHP has been widely ported and can be deployed on most web servers on almost every operating system and platform, free of charge.
web application developed under PHP can be easily run in any platform and web application integrated with other programming language and database so easily.THis reduces development time and cost.

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Easy database connection:

Php has built in database module that used to connect the database easily with securely. therefore php is high demand where database driven website needed whether small website or large website

Open source and Powerful library support:

One of the big advantages of php is being open source. There is no money or any type of payment for supporting file or library means free for everyone ,anytime, anywhere.
For beginner of PHP in 2020 , no worry for support and forum because PHP has large community of developers who help in coding and manipulation.

Easy to get started for making web pages:

Php is very easy language to code and understand even it has OOPs (Object oriented) features.It uses a C programming language like syntax, so for those who are familiar with C-language , it’s very easy for them to pick up and write code for web applications or websites.
Speed : One of the most major side of web development is speed.since it uses not much system resources ,PHP speed is high as compared to another language.

Security :

These days PHP framework has in built security model that can protect from external attacks such as SQL injection, data tampering, and forgery etc.


PHP is more stable than other similar language. Php existence in market since 1994 and best server side language till now. According to time PHP release different version with lots of features.

Cost Efficient :

PHP is an open source, hence is completely free no need to purchase license. MySQL can be used for free. Cost of developing websites using php is minimal and Hosting are also cost effective than others.

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PHP is still popular  and dominating among  server side language

if you see the latest features of PHP  7.4 then you can say PHP  is still rocking and dominating in coming year. Future of php  and php Developer in 2020 2

  • PHP is actively developed with a new release with exciting features each year
  • PHP 7.4 is one of the most feature-packed releases ever in PHP history
  • Performance since the PHP 5 era has triple
  • PHP has an extremely better eco system of frameworks, packages,CMS and platforms
  • PHP has had added lots of new features including security in php 5 to php 7.4

PHP  is most used server side programming language in recent years  around 75% of websites are using PHP as server side language. Look  at bellow graph no other language is in competition with PHP in terms of uses. 75% is huge number so we can conclude that in near future PHP will not dead but PHP will rock in up coming year.

Future of php and php Developer in 2020
Image source:w3techs.com

 Will PHP developers get JOB?

Since 75% of websites are  using PHP as server side language  means very simple these website needs updates and maintenance time to time , there are PHP developers who will work for that task. This huge share of PHP market will not  go over night.

If you see this link in stack overflow   for PHP job ,you will find lots of job in PHP .



There is lots of discussion  about the future of PHP and its developer and will be continue in future.  It is clear that PHP has very good future  and present.

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By  release of PHP 7.4. 1 its future is rocking.

if you are beginner of PHP in 2020  or  want to start career as PHP developer in 2020 (or later) then  you will find lots of job in PHP and also in same  in up coming year . So don’t worry about PHP job.You should  learn PHP properly and develop yourself as good PHP developer.


Thank you for reading!!

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Future of php  and php Developer in 2020 3

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